About LSLabs

OB and Driden

(or Lawrence and Simon to our friends)

“We choose to do these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard”

Voron Kits and 3D Printing services. LSLabs was started as a personal project for our own projects and ideas. A simple outlet to do things “Our Way” with a view to publishing projects and ideas freely and open source to give back to the community of makers and enthusiasts that have given so much to us.

Our first projects were started when we were making certain DIY electronic and 3D printed projects. We found certain portions of the projects were left out or only partially covered resulting in frustration and a drawer full of half finished circuits boards or printed parts.

Our Methodology to provide a complete project covering all aspects of the design stems from this initial frustration. Our aim with any of our published projects is to provide not only a full instruction set for the entire project, end to end, including those weird edge cases, but also the option to buy any part of the project you are unable to complete or maybe you just don’t want to do yourself.

With our projects you can DIY the whole thing or just buy the PCB or 3D printed parts from us. Perhaps you just need a couple of components, or you want to just buy everything from one place. We always endeavor to keep our prices low and ensure that “Making” is as accessible as possible to everyone.

Expect jokes, music references, Easter egg PCB silkscreens and more jokes.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and hope to be able to provide a simple and enjoyable experience whether you are a DIY enthusiast looking for help or a large business looking for a prototype or low volume injection moulded project.

3D Print and Prototyping Services

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Send us your brief and we will provide a quick accurate quote for your prototyping

One Stop Service

We can provide a full design service for 3d models, PCB Layout or any prototyping

Quick Turnaround

As a fast-moving small business we can provide fast turnaround times for most projects

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Simple effective service from professionals

from £4.48

M3x5x4 Heat Set Inserts:
5mm Diameter 4mm Length

For Voron Printers

M3 X4 X5 heatset inserts suited for the Voron printers and other 3D printer applications.

Heat Set Inserts 1 https://www.lslabs.co.uk/


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