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Voron 2.4 Pins Mod Shafts

Full set of g6 tolerance 5mm steel dowels for the Voron 2.4 Pins Mod

Hardware kit includes

  • 6 x 28mm
  • 2 x 30mm
  • 4 x 40mm
  • 2 x 43mm

Option to have Ramalama front idlers pins instead of the standard ones or in addition if you plan to install later..


In stock

  • Front Idler Pins


Voron 2.4 Pins Mod Hardware kit

The Pins Mod for the 2.4 replaces the M5 screws anywhere they act like a shaft for a pulley or idler.

The STL’s specifically call for a 5mm Dowel with g6 tolerance. The G6 means the dowel is machined between -0.04 and -0.12 from the stated diameter. or in laymans terms it is very slightly undersized.

Our pins are machined to 4.96mm and test fitted into pulleys and bearings when produced.

In stock in the UK, Next Day Shipping on all orders placed before 2pm.



Github link here. Original Design by Hartk

What is in the 2.4 pin mod kit

  • 5mm x 28mm g6 dowel (x6)
  • 5mm x 30mm g6 dowel (x2)
  • 5mm x 40mm g6 dowel (x4)
  • 5mm x 43mm g6 dowel (x2)

From the original BOM

30mm (x2)
28mm (x2)

[X-Y Joints]
40mm (x4)

[X-Y Idlers]
43mm (x2)

[Z Idlers]
28mm (x4)

Option to include Ramalama Idler pins or replace the 43mm pins with Ramalama idler pins

Ramalama front idler pins are

  • 5mm x 18mm g6 dowel (x2)