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Ramalama Front Idlers Hardware Kit

Ramalama Front Idlers available as a hardware kit or pre-assembled..

The excellent Ramalama Front Idlers mod for the Voron 2.4 and Voron Trident printers provides a much neater looking and compact front idler.

Includes all hardware or choose a partial kit if you will be reusing your existing front idler bearings.

Include printed parts suitable for the 2.4, modification for the GE5C mod or Trident.



In stock

  • M3 x 30mm or 40mm

    Include 4 x F695 RS2 Bearings and 4x M5 shims

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Voron 2.4 front idler mod

The Ramalama Front Idlers mod replaces the stock Voron 2.4 and Trident front idlers.

Original Github project here .

You can choose M3 x 30mm or M3 x 40mm screws for your hardware kit to suit your printed parts.

Note: if you choose the printed parts from us we will provide the Nipplefix version which provides a better seating for the front part.

Choose to include bearings and washers if this is a new build or save money by just getting the parts to convert from the standard front idlers to the Ramalama version.

What is in the Ramalama Front Idlers Kit

Kit includes all hardware required for the Ramalama front idlers

  • 2 x 5mm g6 x 18mm dowels
  • 4 x heatset inserts
  • 4 x M3x30 full thread
  • 4 x M3 washer
  • 2 x M3x8
  • 4 x 6×3 magnets

Above kit assumes you will use the existing front idler F695 bearings in your new idlers.


Bearings and shim if you do not have spare bearings from your old front idlers

  • 4 x F695 2rs bearings
  • 4 x m5 1mm shims

Printed Parts will be provided in dual colour as per the photo in your choice of colour