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Voron 2.4r2 Full Kit 350mm

Fully customised Voron 2.4r2 kit

NOTE : All parts are printed to order. Normal dispatch time is approx 7-10 working days.

We also offer a standard kit without all the mods and printed parts


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Features & Benefits

  • Full 350mm Voron Kit Including Pi Board and Hotend
  • Full Wiring Loom in ETFE Aircraft Grade Wire
  • Printed Parts Included
  • UK Stock and Support

Due back in stock 12/01/24


The LSLabs Voron 2.4r2 kit is modified from the standard BOM to include some additional functionality and improvements.


  • Stealthburner as standard including toolhead LED’s
  • Full 2.4R2 kit with BTT Octopus MCU
  • Includes an Orange Pi 3 LTS (or a rpi 3/4 if we are able to purchase one)
  • Corner Reinforcement and Square adjustment brackets
  • Dragon High Flow Hotend
  • Titanium extrusion backers
  • The HartK 2.4 Pin mod parts already assembled
    • AB Motor Housing
    • XY Joints
    • Z Idlers
  • Ramalama front idlers already assembled
  • Ge5c mod for z axis
  • Unklicky pretested and assembled
  • Z drive shafts preassembled
  • LSLabs Cerebro breakout board with onboard NodeMCU for WLED control
  • ETFE aircraft grade thin wall wiring loom
  • Hartk 2 piece pcb toolhead board
  • Full acrylic panels
  • 270 Degree removable Hinges for front doors
  • Magnetic Panel mod for Side Panels
  • Full Nevermore filter kit including printed parts and all hardware
  • Cable Trays for electronics bay
  • Z Cable Cover mod with ADXL MagConnect for easy usage
  • Bottom Panel Supports and clamps
  • Double Sided Smooth/Textured PEI Sheet


Why did we choose to include these modifications in our kit?

Ramalama Idlers provide a more central point of pressure than the standard idlers while taking up less space. We found them to be more consistent.

Pin Mod, Any Idlers running on smooth pins allows for more consistency than if they were on threaded bolts.

GE5C Bearings for the Z Axis allows the gantry to settle more easily and be clamped in place

Corner Reinforcement brackets, simply provide slightly more rigidity to the frame and allow for small adjustments by tightening the grub screws.

Z Cable covers included as standard, We include these with the initial set of printed parts as when assembling the linear rails these provide invaluable assistance in aligning the rails.


Why are some of the parts pre-assembled?

A large portion of the assembly time is the assembly of joints and wiring. We are providing a fully complete wiring loom for our kits so why not provide other parts pre-assembled also?

Our goal with this kit is for you to be able to assemble most if not the entire kit in one day. Pre-assembly helps us towards that goal.


Are the printed parts always multicoloured?

You can choose any colour combination you like. From our standard colour range with multi colour parts or if you prefer you can choose a more standard single and accent colour option.


Is the Voron TAP Included?

As soon as the Voron Tap has been formally released and we have completed our internal testing we will be including it in this kit


Full List of included components

  • Full shaft, pulley, bearing and idler kit
  • Original Gates Belts loops, 9mm and 6mm wide lengths
  • BMG Extruder components in hardened steel
  • High Quality Steel Linear Rails
  • Individually sourced and tested stepper motor kit,
    • 42STH40-2004MAH x2
    • 42STH48-2004AC x4
    • 36STH20-1004AHG x1
  • Phaetus Dragon High Flow Hotend
  • 6*20mm 24V 60W Heater Cartridge
  • 104GT-2 3*15mm Hot End Thermistor
  • Precision Machined Cast Aluminium Bed
  • Magnetic Flexible Buildplate
  • 750W Bed Heater with built in thermostat
  • GDStime and Sunon Dual Ball Bearing Fans
  • Octopus v1.1 with 7* 2209 stepper motor drivers
  • Mini 12864 Display
  • Meanwell LRS-200-24 and RS-25-5 PSU
  • Din Mount SSR rated for UK usage
  • 120C Thermal Fuse
  • Power Cord
  • IEC320 Power Socket
  • LED backlit power switch
  • Openbuilds Angle Corner Connector
  • Din Rails
  • Black 350mmx350mm Voron Frame
  • Corner Reinforcement Brackets
  • 4mm Bowden Coupler x2
  • Bowden Tube for Spool Holder
  • PTFE Tube 4mm OD 3mm ID 1m
  • 6×3 Neodimium Magnets
  • 3M VHB Tape
  • Foam Panel Tape 3mm/1mm
  • Cable Ties
  • Cerebro Breakout Board and Mount
  • LS Labs ETFE complete Wiring Loom
  • 2 Part Toolhead PCB
  • Stealthburner LEDs
  • XY Endstop PCB
  • ADXL PCB, Magconnect and wiring
  • Nevermore Micro V5 Carbon Filter inc GDStime Fans and all hardware.
  • GE5C Bearings x4
  • Chamber Thermistor and Modified Gantry Mount
  • Assembled Z Idlers with Pin mod
  • Assembled X/Y Joints with Pin Mod
  • Assembled A/B Motor mounts with Pin Mod
  • Assembled Ramalama front Idlers
  • Z Motor Assemblies prebuilt
  • Full Fastener Kit including loads of spares
  • Spare connectors for additional wiring if required
  • Black Bottom / Deck Panel
  • Black Back Panel
  • Transparent front doors and side panels
  • Magnetic side panel attachment kit 100x Magnets and printed parts
  • Full Functional printed parts kit plus extra parts for our modifications.
  • Multi Colour prints available for specific parts as shown in pics above.
  • Titanium Gantry Backers and fasteners.

We are also able to provide modifications to the printed parts if you have a specific requirement that you would like to include. Call or Email us with your requirements.