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HextrudORT All Metal Extruder – MirageC

The HextrudORT, Light, small and efficient extruder based on the popular Bondtech BMG Gears.


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A compact light extruder for fast 3D printing.

Originally designed for the Hevort print head carriage it also has STL’s available for many other toolhead carriages now including some great Stealthburner mods including this excellent modification from Micko

Compatible with

  • Rapido and Rapido UHF
  • Nova hotend
  • Dragon hotend
  • Mosquito hotend
  • E3D V6 and Volcano Hotend

See the original Hextrudort Github for more info.

What is in HextrudORT Package

  • 1 x CNC All Metal Hextrudort Extruder
  • Fixing screws and Allen key