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Nevermore V5 Duo Hardware Kit

Nevermore V5 Duo Full Hardware Kit

Optional Accented Printed Parts.



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    For 2020 extrusion (Voron 2.4) or 1515 (V0)

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The Nevermore V5 Duo is an Active Carbon recirculating filter. Designed to push air through activated carbon to filter out VOC’s and fumes caused by printing with ASA or ABS filaments. The Nevermore has two 5015 fans for a consistent throughput and an easily refillable container to house the activated carbon.

For Voron 2.4 and V0. All parts for either printer are included. If buying parts ensure to choose the correct printer as there are differences in the printed parts.

Can also fit other printers with modifications.

See the Github Page for further information about the Nevermore V5 Duo.

Important Note :- you must ensure you use Acid Free (steam activated) carbon pellets for this as the Acid Washed carbon can cause damage to steel components in your printer.

What is in this Nevermore Duo V5 Kit

  • 2 x 5015 GDStime Fans 6000RPM Dual Ball Bearing.
  • 10 x 3*4*5 Brass Heatset inserts (standard Voron issue)
    • 5 required for the kit plus a few spares.
  • 8 x 6*3mm Magnets
  • 1 x 2 pin right angle JST header. We found this to be simpler to wire up and manage. Click here for our modified Plenum designed to perfectly grip this connector.
  • 1 jst female connector + 4 crimps (so you can mess up the first two)
  • 1m black and red wire for connecting to a fan port.
  • 1 x XH connector to connect to the fan port on the MCU
  • 6 x M3*8 Countersunk socket screws for fixing the fans and lid in place
  • 2 x M3*8 SHCS
  • 2 x M3*16 (for Voron 2.4 under bed mounting)
  • 2 x M3 Post install nuts (for the 2.4 under bed install.)
  • 2 x M3*12 (for V0 side mounting)